Hi! You’ve found The Editing Desk…
and Meaghan.


The Editing Desk is a writing hub that creates engagement by delivering good content for targeted audiences. Meaghan wields the pen and keyboard that finds the words that work for your business and product in digital & traditional mediums.

I write entire websites and the gamut of marketing materials.

If your website needs writing, editing, is tired or out of date The Editing Desk can renovate it to relevant and assist you capture your target market.

By assessing your current business marketing tools and creating new marketing collateral we can maximise your marketing strategies to budget and outcome giving you return on investment (ROI).
I write and collaborate with businesses, exceptional web designers and PR specialists – the stuff of our dreams here – when time permits we drink good tea (preferably T-2 Melbourne Breakfast) or good coffee.

I look forward to chatting,

Meaghan Brown